Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season!!!

I know everyone is super crazy this week, how come it's never picture perfect like the good ol' times like in the 1950's?  I think they were putting on a show as well....too many presents to buy/make/re-gift, then wrap it so nicely with festive paper, watch out for paper cuts...those buggers can hurt sometimes more than hitting your finger with a chasing hammer!!!!  And don't forget the bow!!!!   Ohh crap did you remember a present for your Uncle Bob???  Back to the store or studio or closet for one more gift!!!  Now onto the eggnog, fudge, sugar cookies, cheese ball, pumpkin pie, mash potatoes, ham, cracker salad, cranberry salad, jell-o salad, Waldorf salad...damn how many salads do we need!!!!  Now make sure the house is clean the sheets are washed and the decorations are all in place....Oh no did I remember postage on those last few online orders for the business....where the hell is the bourbon!!! I feel your pain, stop by the studio and vent your xmas bah humbugness with me, I'm here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-2pm  (1416 O Street Upper level).....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parrish Holiday Open House

Stop By Thursday for the Parrish Holiday Open House!  Should be a jolly good time!  See ya there and let everyone know!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lincoln Arts Council

So things are super crazy...I have a show at Dish in Lincoln tomorrow (1100 0 street from 5-9pm)....I show next week at Parrish (1416 0 Street) and many more.....I've attached an amazing article from the Lincoln Ats Council...Emily did a fantastic job...I am the spotlight artist for December!!!!  Yeah!!!!  Now back to work....