Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Studio Space

Lots has been happening this month!!  First off my studio has moved!  I am no longer downtown at the Parrish Studios where my studio has been for the past year and a half....I will miss being downtown at the Parrish and very much thank Jim Stevens for a great location and studio space.  My focus of my business has changed so I have moved my studio home to D street...the space has really transformed from cornbreads old room to CSD!!!  This space is much better than the cubical of hate, which was originally the space in mind to move my studio...the cubical is now a spare bedroom so that those who crash at the D street B&B will now have a bed!!!  

My crazy month and a half has come to an end...5 shows, wow, that was a I'm focusing on getting new items to my galleries for the holidays but after that I will be focusing on new designs...most of you know that I have been working with PVC, which I will continue to use but I've decided to add more elements and other materials/techniques...I'm refocusing on my original idea of "what happens if technology dies?" and mechanics....So I will be playing for most of the next month which will be very exciting...I will post photos of my progression!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving, the weather here has been amazing, which as lead to many bike rides!!  It's been a pretty fun fall and look forward to a productive winter!!!

Walker Show in Minneapolis

CVO Helping me move my studio

CVO building my new desk at the new studio

New finished work space

Finished office space

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Minneapolis for Walker Show

Getting ready for the Walker Show in Minneapolis, it should be a great event!  I've been working hard to create new jewelry and look forward to heading up to the big city which is always welcoming and amazing!!  CVO is bringing the new pugsley "ooohhh yeeeaahhh" and I've got the "dark side" to ride.  We are staying with our good friends Butchy, Katie and Keller who are always great hosts and take such good care of us!!!  Check out the FB Walker event and I hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

A good friend of mine creates B Horror Movie shorts and his latest is about Micheal Meyers and his day off!  Please check out this video cause it features yours truly!!  Hope everyone has a very killer Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PS Gallery, Gallery 360, Bemis plus some single track

Another successful show in Columbia Missouri, Thanks Perlow-Stevens Gallery for a great event and to Shea, Joel, Chris, Jennifer, Izzy and Antonia for all your help (and anyone else I forgot)!!!

I also had a great time riding single track, I rode Rock Bridge where I met a new friend, Steve Miller with the CBC.  He guided me through the trails and helped this Nebraska girl figure out rocks and steep, steep hills!!  Was a total Blast!!!

Now I am leaving in the AM for Minneapolis!  I am involved in the annual trunk show at Gallery 360 (3011 West 50th x-xerxes show is Thursday from 6-9pm), I am very excited to show some new fun work!!  

I am also looking forward to having Butchy take me out on some single track Wednesday!! Kind of digging the trunk shows/single track action, wish CVO could join!!

After my quick trip to Minneapolis (I get back friday), I have the Bemis art Auction (724 South 12th Street from 6:30-9:30 $35/per person includes amazing food and drinks) Saturday in Omaha!!  

If you are around for any of the events please join, would love to see you all!!

Rock Bridge

Beaver Creek Trail (next to Rhetts Run)

" VP in DP"
at Gallery 360

"Set Aside to Grow Wild" 
Bemis Auction Item

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Time

Things are super crazy right now!! I had the Lincoln Arts Festival which was a week ago in Lincoln....amazing weather and nice turn out!!  I won "Best of Nebraska" award (second year in a row, pretty cool) which is a great honor!!  I am now just getting ready for my show in Columbia Mo at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery....trunk show next friday (7th October) and group fall exhibition that saturday!!  My good biking buddy Jen Deep is coming along so we can ride single track on sunday!!!  Yeah, art and bikes, love it!!!  Few photos of my new pieces that will be on exhibition at the gallery from Oct-Dec....

(sterling silver, PVC, leather, spray paint)

(sterling silver, copper, PVC, spray paint)

Stones from the River
(sterling silver, copper, PVC, spray paint)

Bootless Straps
(sterling silver, PVC, leather, spray paint)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Metal PVC & Bikes

So it has been a crazy few months!!!  Working away at jewelry, playing on the bike and traveling...I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for CVO's bros wedding, can you say beautiful...It was so amazing and relaxing, just what I needed...helped to refocus and create new work....

Then off to play again....CVO and a bunch of our friends were in a 50 mile mountain bike race in the Black Hills called the Dakota 50....I love that they are called the Black Hills, so deceiving, they are really mountains!!  A three day camping, riding, relax and chill with great peeps to see the most amazing views...I wasn't racing but road 4 miles out on the mountain, totally terrifying and I loved every moment of I'm in training to hopefully pull if off next year!!  Great job crew, Grindcore, CVO, MG, Showen, Emery, Bigelow, SJ, Swanson and many many more...bad asses, I love it!!!

Now that I am back and Nebraska has become fall again (YESSSS!!!) I am juggling getting ready for the Lincoln Arts Festival (Sept 24/25 in town which is super nice)...

Solo trunk show at Perlow-Stevens Gallery in Columbia, MO Oct 7th along with exhibiting at their Autumn Exhibit(where I'm gana play too with some single track action)...

I just got a call yesterday from my gallery in Minneapolis asking to show in their annual trunk show (since an artist had to drop out/which was too bad)October 13 at Gallery 360...after the show in MN I will hall ass back to Nebraska just in time to attend the amazing and totally fun Bemis Art Auction in Omaha with CVO...where we will run around like kids in a candy store bidding on art that we really can't afford but really love and then going back to the Magnolia hotel to pass out on the most comfortable bed EVER!!!  

Since I haven't added quite enough to my plate there is the Homey Fall Festive in MN that Surly puts on, single speed bikes, beer and the woods...think it's ganna be a bast, but was told by CVO that I'm not to do any crazy acts on the bike (since I think I can do what everyone else can do but I really have no idea what I'm doing, I've only really been riding for 3 mths, the training wheels should still be on)...well regardless it will be a blast and as long as Broderson keeps her distance then no hospitals....

CVO joked the other day that with all the traveling I'm doing to MN that we should just move there....this brings me to the next show at Walker Art Center in yes, MN...Nov 5th...that means three trips up to MN in bout a month...think I'm starting to dig this town....

As I type this I'm keeping track of the time cause some how I said I would race one maybe two cross races...Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead, right?!?!  

I will keep you posted on new work (heres a new necklace of PVC, sterling silver(some recycled) and spray paint), which I hope you all think is fun, wild and a lil out of control...hopefully like me at times!!!  

PS  thanks for the note outside my studio downtown Lincoln, sorry I missed first friday again...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


What a great City!!! Thank you Minneapolis for such a great time!!!  We saw some old and new faces at the Uptown Art Fest...the best part was talking with people about art and meeting my new gallery, Gallery 360!!!  Thanks to Merry for snagging a bunch of my new work and pushing it onto all her clients at the gallery!  I think it's a great fit!!!  Here are some photos from the weekend, we started in Decorah Iowa where were hung with the parents, went for a short/hilly ride (no time for single track, bummer, next time) then off to Minneapolis where we took the Greenway EVERYWHERE!!!  Luved it, cars had to stop for us, amazing!  Had great gluten free food and beer, plus got to hang with good peeps (and my new fav buddy, Keller, see ya soon buddy)....thanks to everyone who hung with us and came by to check out my work.  Thanks Minneapolis and Gallery 360!!!
(check out Gallery 360 at

Viking In Decorah


Nice Ride Metro Cycles

Butchy & CVO at Victor's yummy Cuban

Gluten Free Pizza & Beer at Pizza Luce (thanks The Cheat)

One On One Bike Shop

Uptown Art Fair

Uptown Art Fair

Dinner on Stella's Rooftop

Dinner at Barbettes with CVO

Bryant Lake Bowl, beers with CVO, Emery, Melissa and some other new friends

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work In Progress and Play Time

I've been working on new pieces for my upcoming shows but I've also been having fun!!  For those of you that know Nebraska weather than you know we have bout two three months top of nice weather all year!!  So when it's nice out we all drop everything and play!!!  I've been getting miles on my bike and enjoying!!!  But now I'm under deadlines, only 29 days til The Uptown Arts Festival in Minneapolis!!!  Here are a few photos of some new jewelry and of me enjoying this amazing weather!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

East Lansing Arts Festival

The East Lansing Arts Festival 

The Show was amazing, over 200 artists from all over, great bands on two stages, delicious food, perfect weather and great sales.

I met so many amazing people, so new friend Engineer Ron gave me a miniature drill press, Denise gave me great booth tips, Lynne and I talked bout our pets and the craft world...Was great!!!!

The best part of the show (besides meeting new fascinating people) is that I won "Best in Show/Galleries"....Blue ribbon, cash prize and the recognition of my hard work, lack of sleep and gives me more confidence that I'm 'Doing what I do'....Thanks East Lansing!!!!  See ya next year!!!!

Click on this link and it will take to the ELAF homepage where you can see

I'm getting ready for The Uptown Festival in Minneapolis, the first weekend in August...I'll have my booth number soon and look forward to meeting new people and hanging with old friends.... 

Hand painted Vans!!!

Ride down (r we There yet?)              
East Lansing Arts Festival

CVO's new friend

My Favorite part of the festival, the morning sunshine, calm before the storm

The Big Award "Best In Show/Galleries"!!!
Thank you ELAF!!!  Amazing!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Seattle The Best of The Northwest

Just got back from our trip to Seattle!  Wow what an amazing city!  The show was fantastic, met so many crazy artistic and fun people!  We are coming back in November for the fall show and can't wait!!!
View from the roof of our hotel, the Mediterranean, great hotel everyone was super friendly and amazing!!

Setting up the booth on Friday, looks like CVO is working harder than me, he knows we are going for beers at Ozzies after.....

The big day!!!  We meet so many amazing people, thanks to everyone for your kind words and support!  

For a little fun!!!  At the Pink Door, where Tamara preformed over our tables! Luke took great care of us at the bar, Lumia was a great server and the owner bought us dessert!  I love Seattle!!!

Thanks to Lumia I had one of the best dinners, Rabbit!!!  Yummy!!!!

A little fun before getting back in the car for 24+ hours!  Pike's Market, let's check it out!!!

Morels, already, they have a six month season here!  Did I mention I love Seattle, even more now!!!

Back on the road!!  Thanks Seattle for such an amazing time...from Darrick at Ozzies, to Luke and Pam at the Best of the Northwest and to all the amazing artists I meet and people....can't wait to be back...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Booth Time

My living/dining room has turned into a construction zone!  PVC and plywood all coming together to make my booth!!!  Things went better than I planned, here's a photo of the beginning process!  One table down and 5 more to go!!!!

Now that all the tables are built I have to take photos of my booth set up!  Most festival applications require a booth shot, since I've only done one festival I do not have any good photos (they really suck)!!!  But since it was the middle of winter and I needed a new booth photo I couldn't set things up outside (-10 below, wind and 2 feet of snow).  This is why I set up the tent inside the glad I live in an old house with a super tall celling!!!)  With the help of the flu infected CVO and myself (who was about to be infected, which was a ton of fun!!!) we put up the tent and walls, set up the tables and time!!!

Here's the photo that I've been using for my applications!  It's helped me to get into two shows so far!!!  The first is "The Best of the Northwest" which is in Seattle Washington March 26 and 27 and the other is "East Lansing Arts Festival" in East Lansing Michigan on May 21 and 22.  Waiting to hear from a few more but I'm very excited!  Long road trip to Seattle in the next two weeks, will take plenty of photos!  Very exciting!  Now I have to get to work, so much to do and so little time!!!