Sunday, March 6, 2011

Booth Time

My living/dining room has turned into a construction zone!  PVC and plywood all coming together to make my booth!!!  Things went better than I planned, here's a photo of the beginning process!  One table down and 5 more to go!!!!

Now that all the tables are built I have to take photos of my booth set up!  Most festival applications require a booth shot, since I've only done one festival I do not have any good photos (they really suck)!!!  But since it was the middle of winter and I needed a new booth photo I couldn't set things up outside (-10 below, wind and 2 feet of snow).  This is why I set up the tent inside the glad I live in an old house with a super tall celling!!!)  With the help of the flu infected CVO and myself (who was about to be infected, which was a ton of fun!!!) we put up the tent and walls, set up the tables and time!!!

Here's the photo that I've been using for my applications!  It's helped me to get into two shows so far!!!  The first is "The Best of the Northwest" which is in Seattle Washington March 26 and 27 and the other is "East Lansing Arts Festival" in East Lansing Michigan on May 21 and 22.  Waiting to hear from a few more but I'm very excited!  Long road trip to Seattle in the next two weeks, will take plenty of photos!  Very exciting!  Now I have to get to work, so much to do and so little time!!!

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