Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Studio Space

Lots has been happening this month!!  First off my studio has moved!  I am no longer downtown at the Parrish Studios where my studio has been for the past year and a half....I will miss being downtown at the Parrish and very much thank Jim Stevens for a great location and studio space.  My focus of my business has changed so I have moved my studio home to D street...the space has really transformed from cornbreads old room to CSD!!!  This space is much better than the cubical of hate, which was originally the space in mind to move my studio...the cubical is now a spare bedroom so that those who crash at the D street B&B will now have a bed!!!  

My crazy month and a half has come to an end...5 shows, wow, that was a I'm focusing on getting new items to my galleries for the holidays but after that I will be focusing on new designs...most of you know that I have been working with PVC, which I will continue to use but I've decided to add more elements and other materials/techniques...I'm refocusing on my original idea of "what happens if technology dies?" and mechanics....So I will be playing for most of the next month which will be very exciting...I will post photos of my progression!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving, the weather here has been amazing, which as lead to many bike rides!!  It's been a pretty fun fall and look forward to a productive winter!!!

Walker Show in Minneapolis

CVO Helping me move my studio

CVO building my new desk at the new studio

New finished work space

Finished office space

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Minneapolis for Walker Show

Getting ready for the Walker Show in Minneapolis, it should be a great event!  I've been working hard to create new jewelry and look forward to heading up to the big city which is always welcoming and amazing!!  CVO is bringing the new pugsley "ooohhh yeeeaahhh" and I've got the "dark side" to ride.  We are staying with our good friends Butchy, Katie and Keller who are always great hosts and take such good care of us!!!  Check out the FB Walker event and I hope to see you all there!!!