Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Radness

 Oh happy time of year, I find myself wanting to do good for others. Treat my kith and kin with good fortune. Snuggle up with the warmth of a spiced cider next to the glowing blaze of a winter fire.
Others find themselves camped out on frozen concrete, sandwiched between the D&D obsessed guy who's longing for the newest electronic stimuli and the middle aged mom who's determined to get whatever trending must have toy her little tikes just can't live without. Before the butt crack of dawn the doors are open and everyone is off like a shot!!! Dragging, pulling, pushing, snatching, tackling....Ohhhh All hail Black Friday!!!!

Ready to get in on the fun!!!! That's right, I'm taking part in the madness!!!

I'll be posting photos to my instagram and facebook page as a preview...make sure to check them out!!!

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Pass along the word and let's make this Black Friday Rad, not mad!!!! (okay a bit cheesy, I agree but wait til you see the next video...and get on it!!)