Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots for 2012

Lots has happened so for this year and it's only February!!!
I finally figured out how to take real professional photos with my point and shoot camera that I bought bout 3 years ago for $100 bucks...proves that they were right when they say it's not the camera....

Set up

final photo

This has totally kicked my butt and my hard work has finally paid off cause I was accepted to the Cherry Creek Festival in Denver...first year applying and I get of the top art festivals in the just have to get mad amounts of work done!!!!

I've been creating some new work and still trying to incorporate PVC but adding another new element...wood!!!  I spend so much of my down time riding my bike in the woods that I starting picking up branches to saw, burn and put into my jewelry....we also had a big snow storm a few weeks ago and our power was knocked out by a pine tree falling down in our back yard...I've cut parts off to turn into jewelry, the pine has this amazing purple tent that I think will look super rad!!!


This is a photo of a ring I made "C is for" from tree bark that fell off my tree stump that I use to absorb hammer blows while forming metal, it's also sterling silver that's been spray painted white in the inside and oxidized on the's a pretty ginormous ring and I really dig it!!! 

"c is for"

Tree Stump with pine tree in background 

Besides all my time I spend in my studio and then the other time I spend serving at Dish ( best food ever and I am not kidding) there is my play time!!!  We all survived the X Maxxx party but for some reason my CX bike spent the night in the bathroom, I think Clint is to blame but I have no concrete proof....

Here is our family Xmas card (yes CVO is in the Chewy costume) if you didn't get one let me know and I will email one to you!!!!

A fun PCL (Pirate Cylcing League, the local cycling league that I am proud to say I am now a part of:)) event at D Street Mansion was the indoor century, was a blast thanks to all who showed up to ride figure 8 laps for 9 hours!!!

D Street got a new edition this year too, a pool table, that's right!!!  I haven't spent that much time playing but its fun to know that I can take a break from my studio and wonder downstairs and play a game if I wanted to!!! And thanks to all who helped move it and set it up!!!!

Like I said earlier we had a crazy snow store the first weekend in Feb and we took advantage of the opportunity to ride bikes in the snow followed by a tour of our fav local bars (Jakes, Zoo, Dish, Misty's) and ended at our new fav pool hall/bar D Street Mansion...bout 10pm when all was rocking lights went out and we where without power for bout a day and a half....if you ever thought D  street was creepy, try coming over without power....Thanks to Cornbread and Schimdy for sheltering us.....

I had the pleasure of being escorted to the midnight premiere of Star Wars 3D by Chewbacca, just a heads up if you go to a premiere with a celebrity they hog the spot light!!!

Well I'm spending my time getting ready for this years round of shows, have two booked so far and waiting to hear back from bout 3 more....also getting in gear for my first bike race season, I'm signed up for Syllamo's Revenge (50 Mile dedicated mtb in Arkansas) The Dirty Kanza (200 miles gravel across kansas) and then the local PCL events, Trex, Dirt roads, Ponca, Gravel Worlds.....

Hope everyones year is off to an epic start!!!  Get Rad!!!!