Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Work, New Goals!!!

After a crazy holiday season, was really insane!!!  I ended up with an evil evil cold that started the day before NYE (thanks) and is still lingering!  But the highlight to this is a new year which means new work and new goals!!!  This weekend I headed to Edwards Colorado with the boyfriend (CVO) for a fun weekend for his best buds big 4-0 roast!  WOW have I forgotten how important it is to relax and chill for a weekend!  I think I'm in love, Colorado was so beautiful, great people, great drinks and great times!  Photo from the side of the road headed on Hwy 6 from Edwards to Eagle for some thrift shopping!!!  Now driving home in a blizzard on 1-80 was not fun....finally turned into my grandmother and sucked air every time I saw break lights or passed a simi, can't make fun of her while I'm freaking her out with my driving anymore, damn!!!  CVO is an amazing driver and keep me calm, warm and safe...thanks luv!

Since it is a new year I have a new focus, to have more fun with my work!  The best way I create is when I do what I do, time to step up and do what I do!  This is a wall hanging I made for a commission Christmas present, made of steel, bronze, brass, silver nickel.  For the new year I am adding a few new elements to my work, fur, leather, more PVC, steel and bronze, along with many many more.  I live in a bike house so there are all sorts of items floating around the house that I'm ganna start to incorporate into my jewelry and wall pieces.  The direction, same as always, post-apocalyptic, edgy, industrial and down right raw.  

Also for this year is the craziness of applying to shows!  I have a few applications in but have to redo my booth!  Looks like I'm headed to the hardware store, bring on the budgie cords, pvc, plywood, bolts and much much more fun!  I'll post the crazy creative process of revamping the booth, will be very creative and may not go as planned but thats the fun of it all!  CVO think I may need help!!!  Happy New Year all and bring it on 2011, let's kick some serious ass this year!!!  

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