Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Time

Things are super crazy right now!! I had the Lincoln Arts Festival which was a week ago in Lincoln....amazing weather and nice turn out!!  I won "Best of Nebraska" award (second year in a row, pretty cool) which is a great honor!!  I am now just getting ready for my show in Columbia Mo at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery....trunk show next friday (7th October) and group fall exhibition that saturday!!  My good biking buddy Jen Deep is coming along so we can ride single track on sunday!!!  Yeah, art and bikes, love it!!!  Few photos of my new pieces that will be on exhibition at the gallery from Oct-Dec....

(sterling silver, PVC, leather, spray paint)

(sterling silver, copper, PVC, spray paint)

Stones from the River
(sterling silver, copper, PVC, spray paint)

Bootless Straps
(sterling silver, PVC, leather, spray paint)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Metal PVC & Bikes

So it has been a crazy few months!!!  Working away at jewelry, playing on the bike and traveling...I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for CVO's bros wedding, can you say beautiful...It was so amazing and relaxing, just what I needed...helped to refocus and create new work....

Then off to play again....CVO and a bunch of our friends were in a 50 mile mountain bike race in the Black Hills called the Dakota 50....I love that they are called the Black Hills, so deceiving, they are really mountains!!  A three day camping, riding, relax and chill with great peeps to see the most amazing views...I wasn't racing but road 4 miles out on the mountain, totally terrifying and I loved every moment of I'm in training to hopefully pull if off next year!!  Great job crew, Grindcore, CVO, MG, Showen, Emery, Bigelow, SJ, Swanson and many many more...bad asses, I love it!!!

Now that I am back and Nebraska has become fall again (YESSSS!!!) I am juggling getting ready for the Lincoln Arts Festival (Sept 24/25 in town which is super nice)...

Solo trunk show at Perlow-Stevens Gallery in Columbia, MO Oct 7th along with exhibiting at their Autumn Exhibit(where I'm gana play too with some single track action)...

I just got a call yesterday from my gallery in Minneapolis asking to show in their annual trunk show (since an artist had to drop out/which was too bad)October 13 at Gallery 360...after the show in MN I will hall ass back to Nebraska just in time to attend the amazing and totally fun Bemis Art Auction in Omaha with CVO...where we will run around like kids in a candy store bidding on art that we really can't afford but really love and then going back to the Magnolia hotel to pass out on the most comfortable bed EVER!!!  

Since I haven't added quite enough to my plate there is the Homey Fall Festive in MN that Surly puts on, single speed bikes, beer and the woods...think it's ganna be a bast, but was told by CVO that I'm not to do any crazy acts on the bike (since I think I can do what everyone else can do but I really have no idea what I'm doing, I've only really been riding for 3 mths, the training wheels should still be on)...well regardless it will be a blast and as long as Broderson keeps her distance then no hospitals....

CVO joked the other day that with all the traveling I'm doing to MN that we should just move there....this brings me to the next show at Walker Art Center in yes, MN...Nov 5th...that means three trips up to MN in bout a month...think I'm starting to dig this town....

As I type this I'm keeping track of the time cause some how I said I would race one maybe two cross races...Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead, right?!?!  

I will keep you posted on new work (heres a new necklace of PVC, sterling silver(some recycled) and spray paint), which I hope you all think is fun, wild and a lil out of control...hopefully like me at times!!!  

PS  thanks for the note outside my studio downtown Lincoln, sorry I missed first friday again...