Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Year and 50 miles later.....

Well folks, it only took 7 hours and 50 minutes but I finished my first Dakota 50!!!!

Wow what a ride!!! And man how my body is still aching!!! So worth is!!! But I'm getting ahead of myself, like I usually do!!!

It all started last year when I came up to Spearfish, SD to do support for the Lincoln crew for the Dakota 50, a 50 mile mountain bike race! I brought my bike to recon with the crew! I'm a pretty stubborn rider at times and dont know what I'm getting into most of the time, regardless I was up for a challenge and a challenge is what I got!!!

I had only been riding a bike for four months, CVO reintroduced me to the bike after a 16-18 year hiatus! The 50 trail was well let's just say I was so terrified, I cried probably 3 or 4 times at least, that right Lis!?!? Then couldn't even think bout going any further in after 4 miles and trying to figure out how I was going to get off the trail!!!

I spent the last year training to conquer my fear of the 50 and finish the race!!!

CVO, poor guy put up with tantrums, tears and much more, helped develop my handling skills and confidence in my self as a rider!!!

Coming into the 50 I was really hoping to finish since I didnt finish any out of state races this year, I wanted to at least finish one!!! (While I'm typing this I'm traveling to Chicago and I am hurting for certain!!! A 10 hr drive home is not an ideal recovery time, gonna need a walk!!)

My recon was really great, lots of climbs (not really a climber, yet) and called out to where I had my break downs last year!!! After the recon I was ready, knew if I just kept at it I would finish!!!

That's what I did, had some super rad downhills, super freaking gnarly climbs, like my friend Emery said "took my bike for a walk today"!! So true!!! I felt good the whole day, almost cried but then had soon bacon and beer and was ready to roll!!! Amazing views, road with great peeps, got my ass kicked and loved it!!! Wish this trail was as close as platte!!! Ohhhh what a thought!!!

Great, now a guy on the el is telling his sob story asking for money, yep, back in the city, earphones in, music down, shades on and sensors up!!!

What an amazing weekend, thank you to all my friends who helped out with India especially Sarah, Amy and Melissa!!! Can't wait for next year, oh and did I mention it will be in reverse!!! Ahhhmazing!!!

Keep posted cause my next post will include events in Chicago!!! I'm speaking at an arts festival conference, pretty rad!!! Now go get rad!!!!

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