Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live From Lincoln...'s Wednesday night!!! 
Okay not quite the same, close??? Let's face it Lincoln's no NYC but for some reason there are plenty of guys willing to dress up as chicks here (Malcolm) and Linda Richman's style of interviewing is...well...let's just say she has a little more meshugenerness to her than Lance (meshugenerness is to a word, we just added some flare, don't believe us...well you can go a maidel mit a vayndel)...hopefully this interview is as entertaining...Okay maybe not as entertaining but regardless we hope that you tune in...hopefully all of Casey's verklempting was edited out (right Lance?!?)
Tonight on 10 11 News 
6pm CST Lances Journal
For those without TV (like Casey) or that are not in Lincoln the interview will be added to 10 11's website tonight, Lance thought after 8pm CST....
A big thank you to Lance and 10 11 for this interview.... 

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