Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I see you shiver with antici... pation!!!

Wow!!! I know you all have been waiting so patiently and I thank you...I've been rocking n rolling...let's get started, shall we...but wait, gotta tell ya there really isn't anything sexy than Tim Curry in Drag...Hot Damn...I thought it would be nice to start this update off with a little bit of sex, makeup, punk, pearls and yes good old school Punk Rock!!! Think I'm feeling a little feisty...

Nothing makes a girl smile like a lil Ramones...expect maybe some fire, hammer and metal....ohhhh yeahhh that makes a girl shiver....

New happenings? Well,
since there's a show spree bout to happen I am busy working, creating, updating, making a mess of the studio, staying up too late, waking up too early and rocking out!!!

New sterling silver earrings....
What I dig the most bout these super fun...LIGHT...rad earrings are the back mechanism...

My first ever Omega clip earrings...being a self taught jewelry/metalsmith I just had to figure this out, looked at a ton of different books that I could find told you how to make all the mechanics by hand, all were prefabricated..not this one...was a blast...and holy shit it really works!!!


Okay's time to recap some bike radness...that's right, for those that want to move on, go pass Casey Time...this is the bike shit, won't hurt my feelings if your not into this awesomeness...

Think I left off with the Cycle Femmes ride...bunch of rad ladies getting together, riding bikes...was a great time and event...brought the momma out for it...she road my Grandad's cargo bike and she got to see a bit of my passion...was a great way to spend mothers day with one of the best ladies I know...thanks to Allison and Roxy for doing this and getting more peeps on bikes...

Platte Battle Royal...of course Cycle Work and Psycowpath put on a great event (still thinking bout my peanut butter burger...mmmmm)...I did marathon, so 4 hours of awesomeness with friends who really know how to kill it...I had a blast taking it chill cause the next week would be time to Rock and Roll with Syllamo's Revenge....

This was a year in waiting...Goal: to finish the race and to have pre race recon was filled with riding some rad trails, getting stuck in a downpour, getting lost and driving over a concrete barrier with my car (I'm not explaining this one)...
Wet Rocks
Awesome View

De-sanding Hidalgo after Recon
Race day consisted of riding with good friends, seeing a ton of people flat...including rear which sealed up and front slashed side wall in the first 10 miles (booted with a dollar bill and nursed it to the finish)...One decent crash, lots of wet rocks that were like ice, hot steamy Arkansas weather....but I finished...still can't believe it...only took 10 hours 11 minutes...hardest thing I've ever done physically and mentally...
Big thank you to Rafal, Todd, Ryan, Roxy, Alex, Jayson, Sara, the guy that let me borrow his pump for 14 miles, the guy I DNFed with last year but finished with this year and the guy with the bug spray after check point 3...would not have finished with out you guys(well maybe not the bug spray guy but we'll include ya anyways) part of the race was when I sped into the finish, my friends were there cheering me on...Ahhhmazing...As I was driving back to the cabin after the race I was talking to my mom, telling her I was never going to do this ever again but when I woke up in the morning I was trying to figure out how to get there from LA next year!!!

Last race (probably) for this year and final Nebraska Race was Maskenthine, 7 milesish fun trail...I did marathon (of course) had a blast, was cold and rainy which made for a great race day....I was bad with my electrolytes (I know I know think after all the cramps I've had I'd learn) and had cramping again I stopped at 4 laps plus I had to hit the road to start work on my half sleeve tattoo...
 half way done, only bout 3 1/2 hours left (note to my fam and parents:remember you love me, I'm an artist and I express myself and nothing is permanent but death and your mothers (families) love, right?)

 Well that's bout it for racing...with the big move there isn't really much on the horizon...only a quick DH trip and more singletrack...I look forward to checking out new trails in LA and meeting new biking friends...oh and showing off my new rockin' DHing helmet that I pick up in go out and get rad!!!


Upcoming Shows:

Des Moines Arts Festival 
Des Moines Iowa

June 28th-30th
Booth GN41

Cherry Creek Opening Gala
Denver Colorado

July 2nd

Click to Purchase Tickets

Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Denver Colorado

July 5th-7th
Booth 246

If you are in the area stop by and say HI!!! I'd love to see ya and I will be bringing the bike so if I have time, let's ride!!!!

Also...I am in the works for a local show for July 18th in Lincoln at Dish...I'll keep ya posted...

Final Notes 

You are all invited to my going away party!!!

 Saturday June 22nd 8pm-2am

Marz Bar

1140 O Street Lincoln Nebraska

"And of course there is a theme...Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Theme with the influence of Pee-Wee's Play House...These movies/shows will be playing on the big screen while we are indulging in festivities...

All I ask is that you wear a bow tie (this is still optional), if you want to dress up more then have at it..."
a blip from the FB page invite...for further details click on the link below....

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