Sunday, September 7, 2014


Charlton Heston did it right...even when he was the last man on earth it didn't stop him from gettin' all spiffy and playing chess with a mannequin. Think Andrew McCarthy had a better idea of what to do with a mannequin but there is no judgment here!!!

Before I get too off point let me get to the point!!! I am super excited to share with you all my debut article as a writer!!! That's right kiddies, this girl can write (somewhat, thank goodness for editors cause I can'ts really spell that good!!!)!!! In the current issue of Art Jewelry Magazine (September 2014) on page 48 read my how to article on how you can create an Omega Clip!!
Why the Omega Clip??? Well....I was fumbling around with the idea of adding omega clips to my earrings since I am always wanting to go bigger and bigger....but I couldn't find any place or book that could show me how to make one by hand. All the information I found was on how to buy the mechanism and solder or place it on the back of an earring. So with the screeching sounds of apes in my studio (was watching Gorillas in the Mist, India may look like an ape but she's not allowed to screech inside) I spent an afternoon figuring out how to conquer this beast!!!

One of my favorite things bout the jewelry/metalsmithing community is sharing information!! So I am soooo happy to share this with you all!!! Please check out the issue and a big big thank you to Hazel, Annie, Theresa and everyone else at Art Jewelry Magazine!!! You all are RAD!!! Now show up Charlton by putting on your flashiest garb and create these clips for yourself....come on now!!!

This is the shortest update yet but things are a bit busy in the city......much more to come but for now gonna leave ya a little taste or feel of what Lola and I do all may not be running to save a life but I am running to create mine in LA (damn that was serious)...Happy Labor Day all....til next time!!!!

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