Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Okay....Today I had an interview with LAC (Lincoln Arts Council) since I'm the spot light artist for December (yeah)!!! During my interview Emily (my interviewer) and I spoke about that she studied dance and how much she could relate to my art even though it's a different got me thinking about all the other arts and mediums that influence me....The biggest medium is music, so I'm posting two videos....Both are Trent Reznor and the other has David Bowie....both are huge influences in my life....I am so jealous of musician since their passion just flows for all to see, my passion is hidden behind a workbench and you don't get to see the process and passion that flow throw each piece.....I love seeing someones passion of their art and in their element...see that passion drip of their hair and pass into the world laid out....I am in so much envy of the performance world....ahhhhh....well I hope you enjoy.....

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