Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first memories of growing up always involved the muppets!  I grew a great bond not only to the fury, eccentric, felt creatures that goo-fully invaded my living room every afternoon but by the master behind it all, Jim Henson.  I've always been at ahhh with not only the creation of his art but how he did it, the process.

 Tim Burton was introduced to my by Beetlejuice and lead to much of my complete and utter ahhhness in the world of art. I love the fact that you not only see his movies but feel them.  Most of the main characters are strange and weird but I always related to them and wanted to be them.  Burton alway has this mechanical side to his work which draws me in more.  Gadgets and bizarreness lead to my infatuation of how Burton created this world he presented to us in every film or short.

Now onto me, I try to bring all my passions of others, life and experience into my work, this is me and I'm Casey Sheppard Designs, welcome, I hope you enjoy my crazy, bizarre, strange and fun world and become involved! 

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