Monday, March 23, 2015

Impossible Ain't No Word

I’ve talked about how it’s time for me to grow up and give into my childish dreams. About crossing the line of commitment to do rather than dream. Now that talk has turned into….well…doing. What does this all mean??? Well......

"Case Of The Nomads" is in full motion. Thanks bro for helping me finally figure out a name for this adventurous project. As you know I will be on the road traveling for the next year to connect communities. Which will all start this summer. I’ve created a IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds in exchange for fun rewards from the road. Like a post card sent to you from any of the 49 states or a rad necklace made outta nature herself by me for you. Even a Case Of The Nomads bandana or sticker and a bunch more stuff.

“For me success isn’t about making or having money, success is defeating something you thought you couldn’t do.” Jeremy Limn

Being an artist I sometimes struggle to make money so I’m looking to trade what I lack for what I have. We all are good at something so why not leave your lesser talents to others, let them do what they do, then trade each other for the goods. That’s all money is right? A good you trade for another.

This fundraiser is to help get me out the door. When you check out my campaign you’ll see that I’m starting to line up shows, workshops and other events to help support myself along the way.

Case Of The Nomads IndieGoGo Campaign Link

What I need from you???

#1 : If you can contribute or trade your goods for my goods than decide which level works for you. There are 20 to choose from.

Help me get the word out. Post my indiegogo link to facebook, forward this email and  just get crazy with your social media…write an old school letter too if ya want, have at it! The heart and soul of this project is connecting communities. Help me connect with others in our communities.

Lastly :
Let me know of any must see places on the road, people to meet, art to see, what ever. If you think of someone that would be cool to ride with, a place I should show my work, an art center that is looking for someone to teach a workshop or if you want me to stop and see you, just let me know. I’ll do a complete background check and if you pass through my security, an intense in depth interview session with my mother followed by India’s own beasty test than I’ll stop!!! Girls gotta be safe, right!?!?!?
Thank you:

Matthew Graham
Aaron Sheppard
Sam Shaw
James Ashley


You are the first to contribute and trade your ducats for some killer goods. Thank you!!!

Give Backs  

To show my appreciation and to give back a little more there will be Give Backs which will change every few days.

Today's (Monday) Give Back: 3 Case Of The Nomads stickers, for all levels of contributes.

Thank You for your help and support.

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