Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 11: Master of Jack

#YourTurnChallenge was a 7-day blogging challenge started by Seth Godin's Special Projects Lead Winnie, which I was honored to take part in. And I'm gonna keep going!!! I've decided to extend the challenge to 30 days. I will blog everyday from Jan 19th until Feb 17th. Wish me luck and happy reading.

To live a life where you can do all that you love. Big or small, no matter, love is what counts here. This is what I’ve been trying to figure out for awhile. I know what I can’t and don’t want to live without: metalsmithing/wearable art, mountain biking, writing, traveling, community. All these are my life line. But can I success by focusing on all of these? Or will I become the clich├ęd Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing?

I’ve always been a multi-tasker, diving my hands into everything I could. Regardless if it was a hobby or career, I had many and I heard the ‘Jack of all trades’ phrase pretty much all my life. I just thought people were calling me a flake or were saying I wasn’t really focused, which they probably were right but that wasn’t their point. Was this phrase created because it’s damn cleaver? Or did a master tell this to his apprentice to keep him focused? Does it really matter? I don’t know. I just know it doesn’t include me. I’m the happiest when I have many things going on in all directions. But was anyone else like this? There had to be, I may be unique but I’m no Gonzo. After reading about my idol Ben Franklin, who was a printmaker apprentice then an inventor, politician, created the first library and pretty much had his hands everywhere, especially on attractive women and Da Vinci who was an alchemist, engineer, artist and had his hands everywhere, especially on attractive men, I thought ha, I knew it, you can do it all. 

I’m dropping the guilt of this phrase by sticking with my trusty gut. I’m gonna do my do it alls to thrive and become a master of nothing, a master of things with no importance to anyone….but myself. Now what are you going to master?  

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