Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 7: To Abandon, To Discard, To Leave.

#YourTurnChallenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. I will be taking part in the challenge which starts Monday Jan 19th and ends Sunday Jan 26th. Wish me luck and happy reading

Waking up more tired then when I fell asleep the night before. Peel myself out of bed, the world awaits and it’s sitting by the door, tail wagging, panting. She would have had her leash clipped and ready to go but she’s lacking one thing, opposable thumbs. After the walk, I sit to type. My brain is muffled with thoughts, ideas, words, stories. It’s a jumbled mess. Maybe I should make sure my bike tires are ready to go. As I tinker with my tires I can’t find my tools, I search and search for them. They should be right here. It’s as if the functional part of my brain and my tools ran away together. Or worse, they’re playing hide and seek, giggling each time I get close and running further away. Today’s not a day for games, my brain is mush. This continues for most of the day so I decide to take a break plus India’s at the door again must be afternoon pee time. She pollutes the lawn in her normal spot which has killed a small patch, looks like a desert island among a sea of lush green grass. And for today’s irony, I pick up her dog poop to protect the lawn and the gardeners put down fertilizer with manure in it to bring back the dead grass from her pee. Got it. Moving on. We then sit side by side on the stoop. At the same time we both sign and take it in. It’s a pristine LA day. I enjoy this city the most when she’s quiet, calm and her air is filled with warm rays of sunshine. How can I go back inside now? It’s like a damn ice box in my dark dungeon of a room. I walk in; as I sit at my computer I can’t type so I decide I should work in my studio. Fuck it! I slam the laptop closed, grab the dog and keys. We’re outta here, as I am opening the door India is practically in the car, head out the window.

I work my ass off and I enjoy it, I thrive for it actually and I’m focused on my goals. I’m also driven and damn stubborn to achieve them.  But some days ya gotta ditch it all and just drive into the sunshine.

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