Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 6: Thinking Through My Fingers

 #YourTurnChallenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. I will be taking part in the challenge which starts Monday Jan 19th and ends Sunday Jan 26th. Wish me luck and happy reading
The ability to write has long been a wonder to me. I’ve always loved stories but at times I felt that only smart people wrote masterpieces which were usually filled with words that were completely foreign to me. I became glazed over in boredom with my attempt to read as a times, I still do. Every once in a while I’d have my attention grabbed and I could actually make it past the first couple of pages and that’s all it took, I knew I could finish the book. It once took me six months to read a book and at the end I was so attached to Trudy, the main character, that I cried. What was I going to do without her? We had spent six month together, everyday, now it was all gone. I still can feel a little heart ache and longing. So how did a slow reader with an attention span of a gnat who failed English class become a published writer?

A few years back I started a blog to share information and show a bit of my life as an artist. Which was constantly changing and evolving, still is. At one point I shared how I created my work. Giving back I guess or maybe I didn’t know what to write about. This caught the eye of an editor from Art Jewelry Magazine. I had contacted her months back about helping me post information about a kickstarter I was doing. She was so helpful and great by posting what she could online. Now she was contacting me to write about a technique she saw on my blog. About a year ago I was paid for my first published article and am still at it. So again, I’m still a slow reader, yes I failed English, I’m super ADD and I don’t understand most words in the current book I’m reading. So how did I become a published writer, a paid writer? By not knowing any better.

The Current Issue of Art Jewelry Magazine which is available Feb 2. Please check out my 3, yes, 3 page spread about last years bodaciously tantalizing SNAG Conference!!! Holy ballz. Thank you to my Art Jewelry Magazine Family, thanks for believing in this lil punk, yall rock!!!!
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