Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 2: Curb It

#YourTurnChallenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. I will be taking part in the challenge which starts Monday Jan 19th and ends Sunday Jan 26th. Wish me luck and happy reading

I’ve been trying to stay in the moment and focus on being here, in LA. I have a rough plan of leaving on this crazy US venture in September but the leave date is only in pencil and I’m allowing it to evolve along the way. There’s a lot of planning to do in the next 9 months, which I’m looking forward to, but how do I keep my mind here in the now. As I walk my dog I look at the sky, breath in the fresh air and try to enjoy this moment. A year from now I may be freezing my ass off while walking her in a seasonal State. It’s easy to be in the present when the warm socal January sun is warming your exposed bar arms and face. Others moments aren’t that easy, especially if they gang up on you.

On my days off I spent them working on my blog post, in my studio creating and doing some bike work. I jam theses days full!!! Yesterday I headed back to work after my amazing days away and even though my morning was off to a good start the hours and minutes started to count down to the time I had to leave for the Beast. This is when things got….well….let’s say….out of the moment. It started off small but fierce, the dog started whining for more attention even after an hour long walk, problems with my tools while changing out bike tires, wanting to focus but all four roommates seemed to get under my skin, even when they weren’t home, my computer moving at a snails pace and not responding over and over again. If there was a cricket outside my window its breathing would have erked me. If crickets even breathe, they have gills, right??? Now how does one deal with this my girl left me, dog died, truck broken moment? Well with a little Megadeth. I have found if I play Megadeth as loud as I possibly can while dodging LA traffic it causes rainbows to literally shoot outta my ass!!! It’s truly magical!! Like a bit of Disneyland right in my front seat.

As I arrived to work Megadeth is still blarring and rainbows are totally blinding. I see that I am 30 minutes early, rad. No need for coffee today so I skipped Stumptown and sat in the alley to re edit some work and check my emails. I now have earphones on blaring Megadeth and a possible dingle berry of rainbow still shined. I might be in the moment, ahhhh maybe. After a few minutes just chilling in my new found sacred alley, it became the damn water cooler for the Beast crew. I’m not ready for you people yet; damn you all, I gotta get away; I’m going for a walk. As I walked the streets of LA’s downtown arts district, trying to shake the Beast, I thought what if I kept walking? What if I didn’t turn back? I could keep walking, pack up my car tonight and just leave!!! Hit the road and never look back. Conscience don’t kick in, Midwestern work ethic, go f*ck yourself. This is how great things happen. Right? As my work ethic seeped its way back into my conscience I crossed the street to head back to work. As I was crossing I stepped over a bag of dog sh*t and noticed it read “Here Today Gone Next Year.” And there it lie, my future written on a bag of sh*t.

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