Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 5: Metal Metal Land

#YourTurnChallenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. I will be taking part in the challenge which starts Monday Jan 19th and ends Sunday Jan 26th. Wish me luck and happy reading

Hammering, metal flying, flames burning. I’m not talking bout a Gwar show, I wish, I’m talking bout metal smithing. There is something about tools and metal that just makes sense to me. Like mountain biking I taught myself how to work with metal. I grew up around tools and I’ve always been drawn to metal and mechanics, couldn’t tell ya why. Maybe it’s a mix of my curiosity of how things are built and how things work? Plus when I was growing up most things were made out of metal which looked damn badass. My moms gardening tools looked like she was bout to battle RoboCop, our ‘corn knife’ which we used to cut thistles was actually a small machete (no mechanics here but still badass) and don’t even get me started on our ice cream scoop *drool*.

When I’m playing with my tools and metal in my studio I get lost in my work. Something comes over me and all of a sudden a flat piece of copper becomes a functional 3D adornment that would make Mad Max gitty as a school girl. Now that’s something, I’m talking bout making some cool work not Max(y) pissin himself. That sense of accomplishment of creating something using your two hands. It’s intoxicating.
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