Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 23: Multi Layers To A Single Outcome

#YourTurnChallenge was a 7-day blogging challenge started by Seth Godin's Special Projects Lead Winnie, which I was honored to take part in. And I'm gonna keep going!!! I've decided to extend the challenge to 30 days. I will blog everyday from Jan 19th until Feb 17th. Wish me luck and happy reading.

As I stood in a herd of wild single speeders who were amped and ready to seize the day I felt a wave of doubt hit me hard in the gut. I can’t do this. What the hell am I doing? How can I bail?  My once decent muscles that had clung to my thin frame now looked like they were inverted. They loosely dangled from my arms and actually flapped in the wind. I was in no shape for this. I was standing next to girls that were damn bad ass. They were tough, cool and ready to roll. I wanted to cower and hide. But alas, I’m stubborn and don’t usually back out of a challenge. Plus I had nothing to prove today. My goal, to make the half way point of this 36 mile-ish mountain bike ride on a borrowed single speed bike, which means no gears, and to have fun, nothing more and especially nothing less. It would turn out that I’d end the day with 11 hours on the bike to become the Womens DFL (Dead Fucking Last) and taking home rad new friendships, a feeling of belonging, a massive love for single speed bikes and the largest smile ever to exist. But how did this happen? How could something unfold so naturally? How could people be so rad? How could a weekend of bikes, booze and shenanigans bring so much peace?

This is getting pretty deep and will take some thought. As I figure out the words to bring this event to life think on this: what makes you centered, happy and in the moment? 

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